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Well folks, it’s that time of year again–Armageddon will be destroying my city of Melbourne for the fifth time since I’ve moved back here.

Last year I skipped the show, not having a new book to sell, but this year I will be present with three new titles, never before exhibtied in Melbourne: KAGEMONO: FLOWERS AND SKULLS, THE SIXSMITHS, and McBLACK ONE SHOT. I will also have copies of AFTER THE WORLD: PACK RULES to sell, for those of you who also read stories without pictures.

I will also, of course have the full Kagemono range available as well as McBLACK Vol.01.

I will be seated with Black House Comics  in a long block, alongside Bruce Mutard,Trevor Wood, Bobby N., Paul Mason, James Andre, Matt Emery and Phillip Bentley.  (I should also have the Blackglass Press banner out.)

Saturday Oct 22nd – 9am to 6pm

Sunday Oct 23rd – 9am to 6pm

at the Melbourne Exhibition Center.

Stop by, say hi, and buy some books!

— JF

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