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Naughty or Nice

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Many of you, filthy readers, have been asking me where The Sixsmiths graphic novel is. It was solicited for October, after all.

Well, turns out there was a printing problem with both of SLGs new titles, Sixsmiths and with Pinocchio: Vampire Slayer vol 2. The barcodes were mangled and the entire runs of both books had to be restickered–by hand.

The restickering effort has now been completed, thanks to a heroic effort by SLG’s San Jose crew.

The books have been packaged up and sent to Diamond. I don’t know precisely when they’ll be in stores, but I expect it will be during the next two weeks. 

If you can’t wait to see the book in your store you can now buy copies of the book directly from the SLG website or from And of course the $1 One Shot is still available, too

Just in time for Antichristmas!