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Manolo Sanctis

A couple of stories I wrote for the amazing Renan L’Hopsum are now available on the French comics website Manolo Sanctis. If you click over to the site you can read them for free. (The site is in French but the comics are in English).

The first of them is The Devil’s Vintner, a suspense story that was published last year in KAGEMONO: TOOTH AND CLAW.

The other piece… the Ron Beadle Triptych, is a series of three as-yet-unpublished comedy shorts based on some of the tall stories told to me by my old mate, the Beadler himself.

Some of Ren’s other excellent work is up there, too (some some in English, some not).

Check ’em out. Like I said, the whole site is free, and I encourage you all to explore it.  Even if you don’t speak French (like me), there’s tons of interesting stuff on there.

— JF

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