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I will be exhibiting at Supanova Sydney, Australia’s best known comics and pop culture show on June 26th-28th at the Melbourne Indie Scum table (booth c1).   

I will have all kinds of cool stuff for sale: Blackglass Press comics, including KAGEMONO, some of JMarc’s 3RD BLADE minicomics, SIXSMITHS ashcans containing a chapter fop the GN that will not be published on the website.  I’ll also have a big pile of MCBLACK pages for all you eager motherfuckers to look at. 

I’m sharing the space with the incorrigible Matt “Guzumo” Emery and the even-less-corrigible Brendan “Black Heart” Halyday. 

If you’re in town come by and say hello! Look for me under the Blackglass banner. 

— JF

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