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The eight volume of Bernard Caleo’s romance comics anthology, TANGO, is launching next month.

Over the last 11 years TANGO has become an institution in the Australian comics scene. This year’s book is bigger and better than ever, thanks to a grant from Arts Victoria: 70 stories for a total of 242 pages.
I have a six page story, illustrated by frequent collaborator J. Marc Schmidt, in the book. I believe that that there are stories by Bruce Mutard, Bobby N, Paul Bedford and Matt Emery, Andrew Fulton, Nicky Greenberg, Jo Waite,Daniel Reed, Mandy Ord ,Tolley, Bernard himself, and no doubt a host of others–there are a total of 70 creators involved.

The launch will be at
Mr Wilkinson, a ‘lovely new bar’ located at
295 Lygon Street,
East Brunswick

For more information, click across to

on Wednesday 17 December 2008 from 7pm. I’ll be there and I’m sure most of the others I’ve listed will be, too. Stop by and say hi… and, of course, buy yourself a copy. The book goes for a trifling $20 AUD. I you can’t make it, the book should be available in independent bookstores around Melbourne–Readings, Brunswick Bound, Polyester, etc or from the Cardigan Comics website.

— JF

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