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Last year Steven Mangold and I co-wrote a story that was published in BAD-ASS FAERIES 2. The anthology was mentioned in a recent New York Times article about the renewed popularity of modern fairytales in the bookstore: Check out the article! The book has just been reprinted (now under the banner of a different publisher,Mundania Press).  Steve and I are in volume 2: Copies can be purchased from the publisher’s website at the link above. It’s also available as a PDF ebook. Amazon has have sold out of the prior (Marietta Publishing) edition of the book–luckily, the new edition from Mundania Press should be...


KAGEMONO: TOOTH AND CLAW is now available from It’s also available from the Blackglass Press online shop, which australian consumers may find handier: — JF FacebookTwitterTumblrEmail


The new Blackglass Press KAGEMONO horror anthology is shaping up nicely; should be ready for print next month. The book will be an 84 page trade paperback featuring a cover by Nicholas Hunter and work by 12 indie creators: “Trauma Ward”, 8pp, by Percival Constantine and Carl Yonder “Yum yum, it’s the end!”, 5pp, by James Andres and Luke Pickett “The Devil’s Vintner”, 12pp, by Jason Franks and Renan L’Hopsum “Conspicuous Consumption”, 6pp, by Justin Jordan and Yuriko Sekine “The Smart Toilet”, 6pp, by Dino Caruso and Jeff Womack “Blood and Shadow”, 8pp, by Jason Franks and Yuriko Sekine “Seen...


Way behind and far too tired to go into any detail, but: Last week  received a contract for my short story “XDA Zai: The Wild Hunt”, which will be published in the ASSASSIN’S CANON anthology from Utility Fog Press. This story will be the first published appearance of X-Dimensional Assassin Zai, and it will also most likely be a chapter of the novel I am writing about his camera-toting adventures in travel and work-for-hire murder. More details as I have them. — JF FacebookTwitterTumblrEmail