Ursula Le Guin, my favourite author, just passed over the wall of stones. I always wanted to meet her, although I knew I never would. Ursula was, in my estimation, the best author I’ve read. She was wise and humane and original and vital, in her writing and, as best I can tell, through her life. Her craft was beyond impeccable: every sentence beautifully turned out, rhythmically perfect, and unfailingly clear, without ever being pretentious or showy, despite the planet-sized intellect that lay behind it.  I’ve just watched the The Worlds of Ursula K. Le Guin, a documentary by Arwen Curry...

Character and the Modern Magus

I wrote this essay for Pete Aldin about how I developed the Magus in Faerie Apocalypse, and what I learned from so doing. This particular character is probably the one that readers have remarked upon the most. One reviewer said he was unrelatable, repulsive an despicable (which he is). Others have told me that he is their favourite character in the book. He isn’t my favourite, but he was certainly the most difficult to manage. I think I threw out fifty percent of the material I wrote around this character. An early reader told me that he should have an...

Horror Tree

I did an interview for “Scott” Summers at the Horror Tree. We talk about dark genre fiction, travel, and writing process, among other things. Contains a short snippet out of Faerie Apocalypse. Make with clicky: https://horrortree.com/the-horror-tree-presentsan-interview-with-jason-franks/ FacebookTwitterTumblrEmail

Beyond Words

I spoke to Holly Hunt’s Beyond Words podcast about writing and rewriting. If you want to spend 25 minutes listening to my weedy, stammering nerd-voice, well, here’s your opportunity! Holly reviews Faerie Apocalypse for good measure at the end. Check it one time: http://themodernmeltdown.net/beyond_the_words/beyond-the-words-episode-40-writing-to-feedback-with-jason-franks/ FacebookTwitterTumblrEmail

Top 100 Graphic Novels of 2017

As some of you may or may not be aware, in my day job I work as a software engineer and I have a growing interest (and pending postgraduate qualification) in data science. And so I have made some science for you. Comicbook science, in fact. I made an app that lets you explore Diamond’s monthly top 100 graphic novel charts from last year. You can filter by publisher and/or work-for-hire/creator owned status. Check it out here: https://jasonfranks.shinyapps.io/Top100GNs2017/ Some Insights Marvel, DC and Image massively dominate the charts. Dark Horse is clearly #4, but it’s much closer to the smaller...