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Backflip Bacchi

Audio interview about the Sixsmiths with Amanda Bacchi from the floor of ACAF 2016.

Graphic Nature

Radio interview about the Sixsmiths volume 2 with Zoran and Sarah.

Five Questions and One Statement

Pete Aldin asked me five questions about my work, and then asked me to comment on a statement.

Aussie Spec Fic Snapshot 2014

Interview with Jason Nahrung about where I am and what I’m up to in 2014.

How dreary reality became the new villain of comics

Discussion about villains and the economy for Van Badham at the Guardian, also featuring Tom Taylor, Nicola Scott and Tristan Jones.

42nd Parallel

Interview with Amanda Bridgeman for the 42nd Parallel.

Hopscotch Friday: Oz Comic Con

Video chat with Stevie O’Cuana as part of for Hopscotch Friday’s Oz Comic Con coverage.

Geek Speak: Left Hand Path

Geek Speak Australia interview about my new comic with Paul Abstruse, LEFT HAND PATH.

Pikitia Press: 2013 in Review

Some more year-in-review questions from Matt Emery.

Pikitia Press: 2012 in Review

Some year-in-review questions from the excellent Matt Emery.

Aggressive Comix Writer Profile

Aggressive Comix profile. If you’ve ever wondered what Franks’ favourite joke is, this is the place to find out.

Guy Fi at Armageddon Melbourne 2012

Dean Arcuri from the Guy Fi podcast interviews all of the local creators at Melbourne Armageddon.

Sci Fi and Squeam Interview

Interview with Sonja Souter for the Sci Fi and Squeam radio show and podcast, focusing on McBlack and The Sixsmiths.

Nerd Culture Podcast Episode 14

Guest spot on the Nerd Culture Podcast. Topics discussed are Australian comics and the Hitchhiker’s guide to the Galaxy.

“Heidi’s Pick Six Featuring Jason Franks”

‘Pick Six’ interview for Heidi Ruby Miller’s infamous “Pick Six Questions” site.

“One Page at a Time Interview: Jason Franks”

Two Part interview for Dino Caruso at Crystal Fractal Comics. Part two is here. Later syndicated to

“The Sixsmiths”

Interview with J. Marc Schmidt about The Sixsmiths graphic novel for Decapitated Dan at Comic Monsters.

Australian Comics Creator of the Month: Jason Franks

Interview and creator profile for the
Australian Society of Authors.

The Comic Spot: Doujicon 3 Interview

Audio interview that I sat for John Retallick’s Comic Spot radio program at Doujicon 3 in 2009.

Digital Applejuice Creator Profile

Profile for Mad Bad Cat at Digital

“Declaration of Independents: Jason Franks”

Very early interview for Leonie Atchison of Sequential Tart