Big plans for 2009: From Blackglass, another 2 KAGEMONO volumes–or perhaps one big one. UNGENRED, a trade collection of ‘literary’ stories (by which I mean the stories that don’t have monsters, gunfights and exploding vehicles) Finally, my graphic novel MCBLACK (which is exclusively about monsters, gunfights and exploding vehicles) THE SIXSMITHS, a graphic novel/webcomic with J. Marc Schmidt. DEUCE, a miniseries with Nic Hunter. I’ll also be aiming to finish up my novel FAERIE APOCALYPSE pretty soon, and I’m still looking for a home for BLOODY WATERS. — JF FacebookTwitterTumblrEmail

New Site Goes Live

Hey everyone, Welcome to the new version of jasonfranks.com. I’ve streamlined the site down a bit, as you can see. The journals have gone, I’m afraid–perhaps I’ll start converting some of the travel-related stories into wordpress blog entries, but most of them are gone, now. I know that will disappoint some of you, but the purpose of this site has changed now and I’m drawing a lot more hits now–I’m just not comfortable showing so much personal information to so much wider an audience. The sketchbook section is gone, too.  I’m a writer, you don’t need to see me scribbling. ...