THE SIXSMITHS Graphic Novel available for Preorder

The new SIXSMITHS original graphic novel, written by Jason Franks with art by J. Marc Schmidt, has now been solicited in Previews for October release: THE SIXSMITHS are a family of suburban Satanists who’ve fallen prey to the global recession. Now their life is in turmoil: Ralf needs to find a new job; the twins, Cain and Lilith, need to survive the public school system; Annie needs to keep them all sane and under budget. Meanwhile, their estranged elder daughter Jezabelle is having her own crisis of the faith. Will the Devil rise to smite their enemies, or will he damn...

McBLACK reviewed at Scaryminds

According to “One of the most insanely great graphic novels to be released anywhere in the World in 2010. Check this one out kids, Jason Franks has gone psycho on our arses!” “A tight plot, a lot of imagination, and exceptional writing.” “The panels are clean, crisp, and easy to read making the novel an enjoyable experience both from a reading stance and a visual point of view.” 10 stars. FacebookTwitterTumblrEmail