Via Pikitia Press: 2012 in Review

The excellent Mat Emery, of Pikitia Press, asked me some questions about how 2012 has gone: I’m sure there will be more similar responses to follow. There’s already one up from Dylan Horrocks:   FacebookTwitterTumblrEmail

Female Characters

The first thing you’ll probably notice in this essay about Strong Female Characters is that I omitted the word ‘strong’ from the title. I don’t think there is any problem with the ‘strength’ of female characters in fiction–the problem is with the word character. Fictional women–particularly in genre fiction–most frequently serve as motivators or set decoration, rather than as actual characters. The qualifier ‘strong’ implies that women, by default, are weak. Women are anything but. Female characters need to be treated as interesting characters with personalities and interests beyond clothes, men and jewellery. When I hear that some book or movie  or...

Radio Blues

I discovered music when I discovered alternative radio. When I was a kid, the main attraction of listening to the radio was the gadget itself: a portable AM/FM device with a telescopic aerial that I could use to pick up boring talkback and shitty pop music from all over South Africa. Once we moved to Australia I grew to like a couple of 80s pop acts (for about one album each), but it wasn’t until Triple J went national that I really found music that set my head on fire. This was during rise of grunge music, which bootstrapped the alternative...

Momus Report on Bloody Waters

The stellar Emmet O’Cuana reviews Bloody Waters over at the Momus Report. “This is confident and very entertaining writing, at times reminiscent of Harlan Ellison’s Spider Kiss meets Pratchett and Gaiman’s classic Good Omens. Franks’ enthusiasm for rock shines through on every page, but there’s also a satirical wryness here which catapults this above other supernatural thrillers clogging up the market.” Couldn’t ask for a better review than that. Now if you will excuse me, I’ll be over here dancing with these surfing penguins. — JF FacebookTwitterTumblrEmail


So, Bloody Waters is out. In the immediate future I have The Sixsmiths vol.02 underway and also McBlack vol.02, and I am now actively trying to sell my second novel, Faerie Apocalypse, which I completed in 2012. My third novel, tentatively entitled XDA Zai, is presently a second draft, with several more to go before it’s submission-ready. Does this make me prolific? It sounds like a lot, but it’s really not. In the two years since The Sixsmiths came out I’ve produced two one shots, I’ve edited two anthologies, and I’ve sold a couple of short stories. Bloody Waters was a...