“Theatre Of Conflict”

BAD-ASS FAERIES 3 is now available on the Mundania Press website, both in trade paperback and as a PDF eBook. This anthology contains my ozsploitation fairy tale, as well as many fine tales. http://www.mundania.com/book.php?title=Bad-Ass+Faeries+3:+In+All+Their+Glory It should be up on amazon in fairly short order. — JF FacebookTwitterTumblrEmail


THE SIXMITHS #1 is coming out in July from SLG Publishing: http://www.slgcomic.com/Sixsmiths-1_p_1447.html# This is a 24 page collection of 1-2 page SIXSMITHS stories remastered from the webcomic plus an exclusive 2-pager, all for the hefty price of $1.00 USD. Stories are  by J. Marc Schmidt, J. Marc, Jen Breach and myself. The book will be available from Diamond (order code 978-1-59362-197-1), shipping in July, and J. Marc and I will be flogging it in from the SLG pavilion at San Diego Comicon. This is my first appearance in the Direct Market and I am mildly pleased to mention it here. — JF...